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Student life: our campus and town in Yokohama

Location and circumstance of TUY

Located about 20 km northwest of downtown of Yokohama city and 30 km southeast of the center of Tokyo, Toin University of Yokohama (TUY) occupies a top of a low hill (ca.330,000 m2) being surrounded by natural forests and quiet residential areas. The place is in a quiet suburb of Japan's most famous big cities. There are three train lines with stations that are close to TUY. Local bus routes that connect more than four stations within 15 min are meeting at the bus terminal inside the campus. Downtowns of Tokyo and Yokohama are within 30 min ride on train which comes every 15 min. The town, Aoda, where TUY is there is known as one of the most livable cities in the suburb of Tokyo in terms of high level of culture, convenience of shopping, and environmental splendor. Interestingly, town of Aoba has attracted attention by having citizens who recorded the most average life in Japan. Many students use bicycles and motorbikes to attend TUY, and other many use train and bus or just wal

The climate and nature surrounding the Toin campus is very conformable as people choose here as residential area. Four seasons views are clearly here to enjoy. We can have snow sometimes in January to February. In spring, the campus is full of cherry blossoms. In autumn, colorful and beautiful changes of leaves start in November.

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Information of the cities of Yokohama and Tokyo are available as lots of contents in web site in all main languages;
  Yokohama city:
Aoba town also shows homepage for general information;
In addition to Yokohama and Tokyo, prefecture of Kanagawa is famous for having many major places for one-day excursion to mountainsides and Pacific Ocean coasts.

Among them, Hakone volcano & lake mountains area is within 1.5 hour train ride, M t. Fuji (Shizuoka prefecture) is within 3 hour, and Pacific Ocean is within 1.5 hour. For these versatile information for traveling, visit Kanagawa prefecture homepage:

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TUY may not have a sufficient capacity for student dormitory or hostels. On the other hand, there are many rooms available in rented apartments which are close to university and relatively cheap in monthly rent. Apartment rooms, which are generally private rooms, are typically equipped with unit kitchen, bathroom, and air conditioner, for the space around 15 to 20 m2. Rental depends on the location and more for the place closer to train station and on the construction. The price range is 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen/month. For example, apartment rooms located 10 min-ride of bus to TUY and 15-20 min walk to train station is 30,000 to 35,000 yen. Living expenses are additional monthly cost for students, which include utility costs (electricity, water, etc.) in the room, foods, and transportation fees. These may be minimum 40,000 yen/month. In TUY, there are two student cafeterias for lunch and dinner, where menu ranges from 300 to 600 yen. If you enjoy eating in restaurant in towns, lunch menu is generally 500 yen to 1000 yen including consumption tax of 8%.

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All students in TUY can apply scholarship Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO); see homepage:

Study in TUY needs minimum necessary ability to communicate in Japanese language so that students can take lectures given mostly in Japanese. This ability will be required for undergraduate students and master course students in graduate school. The chance to get the scholarship will depend on the language ability. For doctor course students, education for credit earning in the graduate school is mainly self-conducting research supervised by professor(s) and Japanese language ability will not be required.vTUY provides all foreign students an advantage of exemption of tuition, which rate depends on the financial circumstances relating to the student.

For foreign students in doctor course, there are private foundations to support the student life. Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation is one of potential opportunity to get such support, which Student affairs division of TUY intermediates.

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