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Organic inorganic perovskite solar cell (Miyasaka Laboratory)

In 2009, the thin film of the perovskite crystal was used for the power generation part, and Miyasaka laboratory discovered operating as a solar cell [1]. By joint research (2012) with Oxford University, Professor Miyasaka and others publishes in the U.S. science journal science 10.9% of conversion efficiency achievement [2]. The present conversion efficiency reaches to about 20% equivalent to the compound system solar cell using gallium etc. with a laboratory level. The feature of a perovskite solar cell is simple for the production methods, and also a manufacturing cost is also a cheap thing and it attracts attention from all over the world.

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Non-Contact Acoustic Inspection Method (Sugimoto Laboratory)

The hammer method is still used for the non-destructive test of the concrete structures. However, difficulty had followed on the inspection of the high place so that it might be symbolic in the fall accident of the ceiling board of the Sasago tunnel in 2012. Therefore, the long distance non-contact acoustic inspection method with defective detection accuracy comparable as the hammer method has been examined [1-2]. This is the technique of having combined a high sensitivity laser Doppler vibrometer and a high power directional sound source. If this technique is put in practical use, it will become possible to replace the conventional hammer method. Therefore, an experimental model is under development for practical use.

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