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Toin Graduate School

Many postgraduate students who study at Toin Graduate School are encouraged to devote themselves to a special field and are also involved internationally and actively in their discipline. The goals of Toin Graduate School are to educate highly professional researchers with an original and interdisciplinary scope.

A Master's Degree in Law

Cultivating people who can grasp the depth of problems of contemporary law with a worldwide perspective

We have one graduate level course, a jurisprudence course, for those students wishing to study any area of law. The main purpose in our course is to promote a global and international understanding of jurisprudence. In order to achieve this understanding, students are allowed to choose any subject among various optional subjects to enrich their studies.

In addition, we offer 4 key areas of law which are closely related with each other: public law; criminal law; civil law; Reserch of Legal Foundations and Comparative Law. In each key area we are aiming to improve education and research through our network of cooperating institutions inside and outside of Japan.

A Master's Degree in Law

Training legal professionals and capable researchers specializing in comparative legal systems

Toin Graduate School's Doctorate course is based on foundational curriculum from our Master's Degree in Jurisprudence course. The doctorate program is for training academic researchers and professional lawyers, who are able to contribute to the development of future judicial and procedural law practices in Japan. Furthermore, our prime directive is to train people who have ability to engage in highly professional practices of law with deep understanding of comparative law, foreign law, and international law.

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