MIYASAKA Research Group

Miyasaka Research Group,Toin University of Yokohama,
Graduate School of Engineering

  • 2020.08.20
  • Pacifichem 2020 was postponed to the next year 2021. It will be held in Hawaii in December 2021. Our group will organise "Perovskite based photovoltaics and optoelectronics". Your participation is welcome.
    Pacifichem 2020
  • 2020.03.11
  • Two review papers of perovskite PV from our group are available which encompasses discovery of perovskite and cutting-edge technologies of solar cells
    "Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics: Background, Status, and Future Prospects", Chem. Rev. 2019.
    "Perovskite solar cells: Can we go organic‐free, lead‐free, and dopant‐free?", Adv. Energy Mat. 2019. DOI:10.1002/aenm.201902500
  • 2017.09.21
  • Clarivate Analytics has released its list of 22 researchers, who it deems as worthy of a Nobel Prize. The prediction is based on the citation impact of their published research papers in about 63-million papers.Professor Tsutomu Miyasaka is among the potential winners listed for the Chemistry Prize.
    NHK World News
  • A New Class of Nobel-Worthy Scientists
    Clarivate Analytics
  • 2017.09.08
  • 2 international conferences which collects presentation of Perovskite solar cells will be held. NHSC11 (Himeji-city, October 9-10) AP-HOPV18 (Kitakyushu-city, January 28-30, 2018)
  • 2017.01.18
  • Professor Miyasaka wins The 69th Japan Chemical Society Award It was done. The awards lecture is scheduled to be held at Keio University Hiyoshi Campus on March 16 (Thursday) during the annual meeting of the 97th Japan Chemical Society.
  • 2016.11.09
  • Akiyama receives a poster award for announcement on perovskite solar cell at the International Symposium on Forged Medical Engineering (BME) 2016
  • 2016.11.09
  • Nature Energy posted Perspective by M. Gratzel et al.”Towards stable and commercially available perovskite solar cells”
  • 2016.09.05
  • A book co-authored by Professor Miyasaka was published.N. -G. Park, M. Gratzel, T. Miyasaka, " Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics", Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-35112-4
  • 2016.06.01
  • Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper Research pioneer (June 1, 29) "Research on resin solar cell improvement", Atsushi Kogou and research on flexible solar cell 7
  • 2016.05.15
  • Asahi Newspaper Door of Science "next generation solar cells, intensified competition over power generation and costs"
  • 2016.04.28
  • Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper "Conversion efficiency achieved 14%, thin film resin weight reduction, bendable cost reduced by 30%"
  • 2016.02.01
  • Forbes JAPAN February 2016 No 19, "With the introduction of solar cell nova, the day power generation is possible in town Building and trains become" power plants "
  • 2015.11.12
  • Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper, "Japan's first solar cell with excellent photovoltaic characteristics, to the world"
  • 2015.11.04
  • Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper, "[Deep Section]" Japan's First "Contributing with Innovative Technologies" Perovskite "Favorably"
  • 2015.05.23
  • Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper, "Electronic amplification at low electrons adopts inexpensive perovskite 2400 times"
  • 2015.05.17
  • As an introduction of young researchers and engineers at TBS "Origin of Future", Miyasaka Laboratory Atsushi Kogou researcher was introduced. Broadcast date May 17, 2015 21: 54 - 22: 00
  • 2015.02.03
  • Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper Technology 100 Selected Pioneer 2020 ③ Day without Power Plant On solar PV car or building wall
  • 2014.12.20
  • Asahi Newspaper New solar cell as it is painted on the substrate - Accelerated to put into practical use for 5 years of invention
  • 2014.08.19
  • Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper "Evaluating solar cells for space, JAXA and Toin University of Yokohama environmental recreation, confirming tolerance"
  • 2014.06.26
  • Professor Miyasaka's perovskite solar cell was introduced in the August issue of the scientific magazine "Newton".


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